Friday, February 1, 2013

Freeloading Republican admits…he’s loves freeloading when it comes to keeping our kids safe in school.

Since I have one boy in elementary school and another in middle school, I'm wondering how I can protect them from getting shot up by an assault weapon, all without costing me or my neighbors any hard earned taxpayer money. I'm tired of reckless spending.

A continuing theme on my blog has been how freeloading “small government” conservatives are really trying to avoid the hard work of governing. Yet they love running for government jobs because it beats work, and has great benefits. I call that freeloading at the taxpayer expense.

The best example this month comes from; Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Erin and candidate for state superintendent of public instruction (believe it or not) Cap Times:
Wearing his flag...
Dear Editor: School boards should be given the freedom to hire a competent, well trained school official or employee who is experienced with applying force whenever force is required. The most cost-effective approach would be to permit local school boards, administrators and parents to be able to ask qualified people from their own communities to volunteer to do this work as a public service as a way of giving to their communities while they are in retirement. 
Now that’s putting a value on the grotesque trend of gunman targeting schools nationwide. And yet, concealed carry was the answer to making us all safe.

Reality just reared it's ugly head again, disproving Pridemore's hair brained solution:
Columbia Daily Tribune: A St. Louis County police officer assigned to work at Hazelwood East High School discharged his gun while cleaning it yesterday, causing a bullet to rip through a wall at the school and into the occupied nurse’s office and clinic on the other side. At the time, two students, the school nurse and another adult were in the clinic, Gulotta said. “The nurse, for sure, was pretty shaken up,” Gulotta said.

The department decided to remove him from the school because of the investigation — but the school district also asked that he not return.

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Sue said...

And make sure we ask those committed community volunteers to carry their own insurance in case they screw up and shoot the wrong person. Cuz taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for that either.
BTW, someone should point out the real reason Don is running for this office - it's better to get a new government job than explain to his constituents why he's suddenly no longer a fan of term limits.