Thursday, January 31, 2013

Liberal "Takers" in Madison and Milwaukee now infest two of the nations Coolest Cities!

The usual loudmouth 60's protesters and union bosses continue to draw attention to themselves by coming across like Madison is THE coolest city in the country. You know what, it is.
MSN is out with a new list of the "10 coolest cities in the Midwest," 
I'm still waiting for Waukesha to show up in one of these "best of" lists!


  1. maybe walkersha will show up on list after it gets to tap into milwaukee's pee and pipe it into town as drinking water.

    Be sure to take a leak if you go to milwaukee -- soon it will come out a walkersha water tap!

  2. I went to college and worked a few years in Madison and of course loved it. I still do. But it's got nothing on Milwaukee, which never gets enough respect, from suburban legislators, list makers or most others. I always say that Madison wears its heart on its sleeve and that what you see is what you get. Milwaukee is more subtle, more cosmopolitan, even more diverse culturally -- and to see some of its greatest cultural assets (aside from its multiple, tremendous edifices like the Calatrava wing) you need to do a bit of slumming around. Hidden treasures abound in the cream city.