Thursday, March 15, 2012

No layoffs, but Walker Shed 14,500 public jobs.

Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert put together a few facts that many of us have seen or heard about already, but put it in graph form. I love graphs. So take another look at the massive public sector job losses...oh, Walker didn't lay anyone off though.

If you take the most recent 12 months -- January 2011 to January 2012 – the state lost 12,500 non-farm jobs, also worst in the nation, a fact Democrats have seized on.

Wisconsin shed 14,500 public-sector jobs during Walker’s first thirteen months.

Wisconsin had the 49th worst record for private-sector job growth, losing 9,700 jobs. In January, private-sector jobs rose by 15,700. That now gives the governor’s first 13 months, 6,000 jobs added.


  1. No doubt - the CB bill caused a significant amount of these job losses.

  2. Yes, and compare that 6,000 job increase over 13 months to other midwestern states. Illinois had over 29,000 jobs added (nearly 5 times as much), Minnesota had 29,000 as well and then of course Michigan had nearly 12 times as much (over 72,000 jobs).