Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey Rush, post your free health care provided Viagra erection online!

Here's the now viral rant by Rush, calling a college law student a slut, for defending free contraception for women.

He also asks that women provide publicly posted porn videos of themselves using the contraception.

Gee Rush, if we're going to pay for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs, than maybe men can post their hard-on's online as well!

Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke closes the video below with her take on Rush.

Tip to Sandra Fluke, law student; you're a private citizen, who's character was assassinated by Rush. That sound like a defamation of character lawsuit to me, and a sure thing.


  1. If Rush likes insults, maybe someone should establish "Insults" where American citizen can post definitions of Rush based entirely on his personality, past history and physical attributes (Frankel did, you remember?). A national competition for the winning definition could even develop.It will be great tests of Americans ability to find replacements for detritus, excrement, flatulence, drug zombie, etc.. I am sure it will enormously please his civilized audience.

  2. Name calling aside. If you don't want children, then buy the damn contraceptive. Insurance companies will do what they want, it ain't gonna change no matter how much we complain. If you want change, use your power of the almighty $$ to purchase insurance elsewhere. Competition will flourish eventually and insurance carriers will try to draw you in with additional coverages. Oh yeah, MY Viagra isn't covered under my insurance. I cannot change insurances just yet. If I want sex with my wife, I gotta buy the $200 bottle of little blue pills.

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