Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sleepy little community of New Berlin has a racism problem, big time.

Since electing our first black president, it was kind of nice to leave all that racism behind...?

The jaw dropping details of the newly christened racist mecca New Berlin, Wisconsin. 

jsonline-John Diedrich: U.S. authorities sued New Berlin Thursday, alleging that race was the reason the city blocked a low-income housing development by MSP Real Estate Inc., a violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.

A 13-page complaint filed in court spells out the lengths to which city leaders and staff went to block the project, even revising the city's 2020 comprehensive plan. "The defendant's actions as described herein were taken because of race," it said. The complaint details threats against the mayor and his children and racially derogatory terms used during the controversy. The project developer, MSP, also has a pending lawsuit in federal court against the city.
Mayor Jack Chiovatero was unsuccessfully targeted for recall for his initial support of the project. He later changed his position.
The pressures prompted Chiovatero to email a friend."Our city is filled with prejudiced and bigoted people who with very few facts are making this project into something evil and degrading," he wrote. "Unfortunately, I will be doing everything in my power to end this project, it will result in lawsuits and making New Berlin a community of bigots." 

What was so bad that the Fed stepped in? Fox 6 in Milwaukee:

Opposition was strong, with some expressing concern that the prospective tenants would be African-Americans or other minorities and used racially derogatory terms … The complaint says the correspondence mentioned "white flight," "crime," "drugs," "gangs," "families with 10 or 15 kids," of needing "to get a gun," of "slums," of not wanting New Berlin to turn into "Milwaukee," of moving to New Berlin "to get away from the poor people," of not wanting to provide housing to people "who work but do not live here." They also used racially derogatory term for African-Americans.

A sign that read "n----- lover" was placed in the mayor's yard. "Bigot" was spray painted on his driveway. "Leave or _ _ _" was written on his fence, the complaint says. Chiovatero and his family received threatening phone calls. His children were approached by opponents, his car tires were slashed, and his car windows were shot through, it says.

In March, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council filed a federal discrimination complaint against Waukesha County, contending it has been engaged in illegal housing discrimination in violation of rules it needed to follow in receiving some federal money.


  1. New Berlin really is racist, whether it is real racism or resentment racism is another matter. I have been driving through New berlin for 15 years 20 days a month and never have I seen it this bad. I stop at the same store daily and each time I am reminded that I am black and suspect, I got use to it but now it is everywhere, every stop, everyday. I actually hate New Berlin and may soon just buy more guns and move into the city because it is spreading outward. My Wife can work anywhere as an RN and I can program from my office in any home. It is getting frightening and I actually worry about being forced to defend myself and then explain it to the police there. Life changing situation.

  2. It is 2016 and I wonder if things have changed. I would guess not.