Friday, June 17, 2011

New PSC Member Partisan Hack!! Watch your energy bills skyrocket with her rubber stamp.

Already knowing how our corporate neighbors will be paying lower utility bills in the future, thanks to industry friendly Republicans, don’t expect that same kind of favoritism from the Walker administration.
While Republicans continue to whine about the already dead and buried Cap and Trade bill as a rate increasing job killer, something they were fully behind once upon a time, silently and behind the scenes the PSC has been approving huge rate increases on consumers.

That’s about to get worse, at the behest of big energy. A job killer?

jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker named Ellen Nowak as commissioner of the state Public Service Commission … the first time since 2004 that Republicans hold a two-person majority of the three seats on the PSC.

Nowak once worked for the once 3 time felon, but later cleared via a plea deal, Scott Jensen. That goes double for her duties as chief of staff for one of the most partisan mean spirited speakers, John Gard, who’s now pushing the private schools debacle. 

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