Friday, June 24, 2011

Loaded Guns in Cars, the New Road Rage Accessory.

Here’s something to watch out for; the new concealed carry law “would allow people to carry loaded, uncased guns in their cars."

Consider this potentially dangerous incident reported just yesterday:

NBC 15: A 42-year old Madison man ended up with a gun being pointed at him after he attempted to have a conversation with a driver who nearly sideswiped him on S. Stoughton Rd.. As the two drivers slowed for a red light, the victim decided to discuss the other driver's maneuver. He says his words were something like: What was that all about?

Instead of responding directly to the inquiry, he says the other driver began to threaten him … They concluded when a female passenger in the other car reached down and came back up with a handgun. Her male friend began laughing as she pointed it at the victim. He found no humor in the gun play and called police. 

Thanks to the concealed carry law, that allows law abiding average citizens to handle a loaded gun in their car, we can expect to see some speedier resolutions from our road rage bullies.  

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