Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conservative Activist Justices take Uncertainty out of Bad Lawmaking!!

My intuition told me Republican legislators knew Justice Prosser would come through for them at budget time. We may have confirmation on that.

Uppity Wisconsin noticed this interesting WKOW 27 News story and recent broadcast:

Tony Galli: Email suggests lawmakers knew supreme court would rule swiftly: An email obtained by WKOW27 News indicates several local officials Monday were assured by Republican lawmakers the state Supreme Court would rule on the contentious collective bargaining case this week.

Four Republican legislators met with Sheboygan County department heads Monday … After the meeting, county corporation counsel Carl Buesing briefed other county attorneys across the state on information pertaining to the collective bargaining bill’s inclusion of employee contributions to their pension and health care. “This Monday morning we met and were assured that the Supreme Court was going to rule by Wednesday and that that legislature was going to clean up all the loose ends,”

Buesing wrote in the email. In a brief interview with WKOW27 News, Buesing changed his characterization of what lawmakers told county officials, saying an “expectation” of swift court action was expressed.

For many of us covering this story, the odd behavior of both Fitzgerald brothers, and comments by other lawmakers, sounded suspicious enough to indicate something was up.

Republican prodding over the need for an immediate decision by the Supreme Court appeared to be staged in a way to give cover to the court, recently elected partisan David Prosser, and distract from what looked to be a foregone conclusion by the conservative justices. 

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