Saturday, June 25, 2011

Extremely Rare Shooting in Gun-Paradise Oregon

The Register Guard reports on what I realize is an extremely rare situation.  In fact that's why these stories make the news because they're so extremely rare. practically unheard of. Think of it this way. Let's say lawful gun owners doing something wrong with thier guns make news only a couple hundred times a day. To put that into perspective you have to divide by all the gun owners in the world, of which there are millions, and then by all the planets in that galaxy, of which there are billions.

See what I mean.

A Eugene man accused of shooting and wounding a coworker Friday morning at his family’s west Eugene repair shop remained at the business until police officers arrived and took him into custody, authorities said.

The suspect, 39-year-old Dale Brandon O’Callaghan, is charged with first-degree assault in connection with the shooting, which was reported at 6:49 a.m., police said.

O’Callaghan has never been charged with a crime in Oregon, according to state court records.
What's your opinion? How much you wanna bet Mr. O'Callaghan was covered by one or more of the Famous 10% criteria?

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