Monday, June 20, 2011

Conservative radio's Belling wallows in Walker takeover, Democratic Defeats, Supreme Court activism...over confidence?

Rush fill-in and fantasy political league cheerleader Mark Belling can't hold back his excitement over an editorial by The Progressive's very dejected sounding Matthew Rothschild. He wrote: 

The mass protests that I expected this week at the capitol in Madison did not materialize. On Tuesday, there were maybe 5,000 people there. On Thursday, barely 1,000. I’m sorry, but that was pathetic. Part of the problem may have been poor organizing. 

Typical of most conservatives who don't understand the liberal psyche, Belling put way too much meaning into Rothschild's daily editorial mood swings. His comments are recorded and broadcast on The MIC 92.1 in Madison.

In hyperbole based conservative talk radio, and Belling's almost cartoonish alternative universe, Walker crushed the protesters and the Wisconsin 14.  For Belling this makes Scott Walker close to being a "looming, Republican Party national superstar." Currently, Walker is only a "towering national figure." Belling bellows "He ought to send them a thank you card for the stupidity and incompetence they showed..." 

The nine minute piece has all the class of a gloating carnival barker, doing a victory dance on the graves of those protesters he calls "weirder and loonier" than ever before. The message is clear; protesting is a waste of time. Belling pretends this is only the beginning of a long GOP occupation of the state Capitol. We're a red state now, so sit down and shut up. (edited for time but not context)

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