Monday, June 27, 2011

Prosser should Resign!!

This has less to do with my own political leanings than it has to do with the total destruction of our judicial system, mainly the Wisconsin Supreme Court. On a national level conservative Justice Clarence Thomas is taking money he isn't reporting from clients appearing before his court, and in Wisconsin, we have a conservative Justice threatening two women justices. And not surprisingly, each court is voting along partisan lines. 

I think Jonathan Turley said it best: "At the rate they are going, the Wisconsin Supreme Court could be perfect for the next reality show on Fox.

Justice David Prosser may have just won his second term on the court, but it's time for this old dogs career to be put down, once and for all. Even Walker can't run from this problem. Fox 47:

jsonline Cary Spivak: The Dane County Sheriff's Office is investigating a claim by Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley that Justice David Prosser put her in a chokehold earlier this month.

"After consulting with members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, I have turned over the investigation into an alleged incident in the court's offices on June 13, 2011 to Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney," Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said in a statement.

At about the same time in Milwaukee, Gov. Scott Walker told Journal Sentinel reporters, editors and members of the newspaper's Editorial Board on Monday that the matter involving Prosser and Bradley was "a serious matter."

Asked if the reports about Prosser's behavior, if true, merited his resignation, Walker said: "I don't even want to go down that path … other than to say that just based on the allegations that were made, I can't overemphasize how serious I think the situation is there. I think, again, beyond the particulars of this case…the fact that there appears to be an ongoing friction among justices in the court is something that has to be resolved. I don't know what the right answer is."

Asked if he found the current court to be the most dysfunctional in his memory, Walker replied, "Yeah." The state Judicial Commission could have trouble if it launched an investigation, because matters of judicial ethics are decided solely by the Supreme Court.

One thing is common with each of these incidents. Justice Prosser.

Prosser blew up at Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson in closed session in February 2010, calling her a "bitch," threatening to "destroy" her and saying when he did so it "won't be a ground war." 
 "Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this stunning development is how given all that we have learned about the court in recent years how untroubling many (people) are likely to find this," said Marquette Law School professor Peter Rofes. "Entirely apart from the obvious violent nature of this act - and the fear it engendered in a female member of the court - as each day passes the people of Wisconsin have less reason to believe that there is very much legitimacy left in this incredibly important institution."

This is right out of the Republican playbook; delegitimize every branch of government. Next thing you know we'll be taking the law into our own hands and arming our citizens...uh oh.

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