Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ryan says one thing about Reckless Spending, Does Another...for Oil Money.

Looks like Rep. Paul Ryan got caught in the act of lying. This web vid does a nice job of documenting that and the money Ryan's family is making off of oil companies. 

Examiner: In a League of Conservation Voters video released yesterdayWisconsin US Congressman Paul Ryan is called out for his support of subsidies for oil companies despite his claim to support ending these subsidies. He also failed to mention his family ties to business with oil companies.

In the video Rep. Ryan is shown in a town hall meeting.  He claimed to support ending subsidies for oil companies, yet one week later he voted to continue billions in these taxpayer handouts. A recent Newsweek investigation also revealed that Rep. Ryan, his wife and father-in-law have made hundreds of thousands off the oil companies whose tax breaks he continues to support.

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