Monday, June 27, 2011

Lifelong politician Scott Walker says he thinks like a small business owner. And he’s not kidding.

For a governor who’s never really held a private sector job or for profit business, and has welched of the taxpayers his whole adult life as a politician, he now imagines himself to be a small business man. What a phony.

Besides his insincere regret that he didn’t make his case for union busting, Scott Walker imagined this:

"The one mistake I will freely lay on the table... I came in with the kind of small-business-owner mentality.

Give me a break. Where did he gain his “small-business-owner-mentality,” from his days in the state assembly back in 1993, or as a failed Milwaukee County executive who essentially bankrupt his county?

Worse still, he actually said all this to Journal Sentinel reporters, editors and members of the newspaper's Editorial Board, and they didn’t laugh or question him on his preposterous explanation?

But Walker wasn't done with his insulting and surreal journey into Never Land. Only a complete sociopath could be this disconnected from the consequences of his policy. Put another way, this’ll really piss you off.

jsonline: He also spoke of the ongoing polarization in Wisconsin. "Where has the polarization come from? Where have the attacks come from? They haven't come from what we said. People may not agree with it. But when you look at the tone of the debate, it's largely been driven by the groups from the outside. I said to the teachers, 'I never attacked,'" Walker said.

So that monotone, lazy eyed disconnected demeanor he used while slash pay, job security, education, green jobs, high speed rail, anti-consumer tort reform, give-a-ways to road builders, corporate welfare, state control over local governments, reductions in Medicaid, 30 plus un-elected czars, forced school vouchers, concealed carry for the states fringe elements, and state control over local governments, isn’t the least bit polarizing? 

If Walker really has no idea that his policies were divisive, and angered real Wisconsinites, then we've got a big problem.  And who the hell are those “outside groups” he's always talking about anyway?    

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