Monday, June 20, 2011

Have I got a deal for you Concealed Carry thugs; Self Defense Insurance!! You gotta like those trial

On the verge of Wisconsin becoming the second to last state to approve concealed carry, there are now a few other things gun hobbyists might want to take into consideration. Like getting your ass sued! 

For a group of conservatives who would rather wound a trial lawyer than hire one, these lawsuit hating free Americans are hypocritically changing their tune now. As explained to their white trash constituency:  

When I hear about responsibly armed citizens being forced to use their guns in self-defense... Only to get sent to jail or sued by the idiot that attacked them...Well, it makes my blood boil.

It has happened far too many times... And what it really comes down to is the fact that the good guy doesn't have the money to pay for a good lawyer.

So he ends up behind bars or losing everything he's worked for.

Sounds like someone didn't plan on a few “unintended consequences” and responsibilities that go with carry a deadly weapon like a toy. Looks like taking the law into their own hands may come at a price. Like the new self-defense insurance plan they'd like to sell you in this ad:

Aw shucks, shootin’ people should be easy and not so complicated, don’t ya think bubba? You need to know that when you act like a dumb ass and thug, you can take some false security in knowing there's a trial lawyer waiting in the wings to make some money off of you.  

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  1. So you're saying that only thugs have a desire to defend themselves from criminals? What is wrong with you? Why would you want to live in a society where the only protection you can hope for is an overworked, underpaid law enforcement official who has 9 or 10 other calls to deal with before he is able to respond to your mugging? Do you want to watch your family get gunned down or stabbed on a street somewhere? I sincerely hope you are never in a siyuation that changes your opinion. Frequently it is just the situations I have described above that changes folks with opinions like yours into opinions like mine. And those good folks are the most dangerous people on the streets. Because after they buy that first gun, they only have vengeance in their hearts, and they are looking for trouble. Please reasonably consider the following, if you are reasonable enough to do so: Policemen are not funded enough in this day and age to support the time off of patrol, or the expenditure of range time, ammunition, and supervision to get adequate practice with their assigned weapon. Police men are already worked for far too many hours. Policemen have to respond to far more criminal calls today than at any other time in history. They are doing their absolute best to keep our streets safe, but Police departments lack the funding to be truly proactive, and are doing their best to respond to the calls they receive. Austerity measures proposed by Our President would further cut that funding, among other vital services our citizens need. Last year, Policemen accounted for 1/5 of the criminals removed from the streets. Responsible Gun owners acting in self defense removed the other 80%.
    Last year, overworked, underfunded, and under-trained policemen accounted for nearly 200 innocent bystanders being shot in pursuit of armed criminals. Gun owners shot zero innocent bystanders.( The fact is that Our police need our help. They need our help in looking after ourselves. Our crime rates are soaring, and our Law enforcement funding is NOT. Cities that have "open carry" and "Concealed Carry" laws have proven time and time again that crime rates drop when criminals know they are NOT the only ones armed on the streets. "Open Carry" Laws are the best deterrent to criminal activity any city or state can find. Just the knowledge that an average citizen is armed---and trained--- will make a criminal think about either moving to the next target they can find, or even the next city over where the citizens won't shoot him in defense of their selves, or more importantly, their loved ones. Take care, and I hope you never have to start agreeing with me the hard way.