Thursday, June 23, 2011

ALEC's Defense of Moist Smokeless Tobacco Blows Smoke, Bizarre.

I've never seen anything like this. Earth shaking stuff.

I’ve been fascinated by one of the least important tax changes to come out of the Republicans den of thieves’ budget talks that never ceases to amaze.

Who would have thought that moist smokeless tobacco tax needed quick legislative action? It did though, according to the free market, bill writing group, ALEC. They’re the “Dummies” style source of legislation that guides most clueless Republican/tea party ideologues.  

This amazing explanation is beyond words, taken directly from their letter to the legislature:

The 2011‐13 Biennial Budget would change the current excise tax on moist smokeless tobacco from percentage based on price to a weight based system in a revenue neutral manner.

Get ready for the pure nonstop Friedmanesque drivel that has made the free market economic system a real loser:

A weight based system supports the principles of sound tax policy; economic neutrality, fairness, simplicity, efficiency, and fiscal stability.

The tax is dependent on the price of the product, creating a structure that distorts consumer preference. ALEC believes that all like products should be taxed the same, in turn benefiting customers.

The amendment will create a fairer tax system that reduces market distortions and encourages fiscal stability. It is with the guiding principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government that ALEC supports.

No wonder we had a recession and jobless recovery. Oh, and for those Republican still struggling to explain away this insanity, ALEC again has it all prewritten for them:

ALEC has passed a model resolution and statement of principles on this issue which is attached to the Resolution on the Enhancement of Economic Neutrality, Commercial Efficiency, and Fairness in the Taxation of Moist Smokeless Tobacco Products.

Surreal without a doubt, an emergency to be sure, and lucrative. Let the campaign coffers fill to the brim from big tobacco.

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