Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Union Thugs to Invade Teachers Homes, Apply Pressure to Pay Up.

The following screed is one of the most massive examples of “projection” I’ve read in a long time. Almost everything they say now has its origin from their own methods of scheming and ideology. 

Conservatives have gotten the idea in their head that liberals think like them, that we would use the same brutal win at all costs tactics that they use. The liberal world they describe is actually their vision of the world. They’re already rationing health care coverage because states can’t afford to pay anymore; they’re pushing a socialization of wages, where everyone gets low pay and minimal benefits (the argument over public vs private sector pay); they’ve destroyed the free market by legislating limits on lawsuits and handing out corporate welfare; they’re attempting to retain a one party system of government, putting in place activist conservative judges and justices. They’ve over regulated voter registration with voter ID restrictions.

And according to the group below, destroying the only campaign contributor to Democratic candidates, unions, will free us all.

Steve Gunn-EAG Communications: Will WEAC use intimidation to force union members to pay dues? No wonder bullying remains a persistent problem in public schools. When teachers engage in such behavior, kids can be expected to follow their example.

It’s become apparent that bullying may be necessary to guarantee the survival of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s largest teachers union.

WEAC has started the process of collecting members’ bank information so the union can automatically deduct dues. So they’re relying on some favorite old tactics to keep the revenue flowing – group intimidation and door-to-door thuggery. Ron Brandt, president of Southern Lakes United Educators (a subgroup of WEAC), wrote that “we still have members who have not signed up … Because we need to sign up as many of these members as possible, we are asking for your help. “We will train teams to make home visits with those members who still need to sign up for 2012. Why does WEAC need to “train teams” for home visits? Do the volunteers need to be instructed on group pressure techniques, so they are more likely to get the answer they want when they invade teachers’ homes? We certainly hope they’re not taught the finer points of waterboarding.

Conservatives say they want people to make their own choices, but oddly, don't believe people are able to make those choices:

How can that right be guaranteed when the union is sending out thug crews to pressure teachers into conformity? Like dictators in a third-world nation, they are willing to strong-arm wayward members back into the fold. We hope lots of teachers will have the courage to ignore the door bell when they see a group of colleagues standing on the front step.

And if the conservative argument at any point falls apart or doesn't make sense, they'll make something up. Republicans love to manufacture "what ifs" that are so preposterous, that if true, would turn reality on its head:

Unfortunately those who manage to resist the pressure will probably pay dearly for their independence when school starts in the fall. They are likely to be ostracized to the point where it becomes difficult to function and instruct children. Some will probably buckle to union pressure or leave teaching altogether. That’s how unions operate.


  1. BTW, Heard a WEAC spokeswoman explicitly deny this on Sly in the Morning late last week.

  2. Thanks for mentioning it.

    My main reason for posting this diatribe was to show the condition of the Republican Party, and their ability to project every little trick they would think of themselves while vilifying liberals and teachers in the process.