Monday, June 27, 2011

The Devil is in the...Lake, for Walker.

You can’t tell me the constant protesting and tight security doesn’t bother Gov. Scott Walker just a little. But sociopaths like Walker may not care what the public thinks of his austerity agenda. At least he will be reminded of his actions each and every day, like at this Devils Lake appearance.

This Fox 47 coverage shows how uncomfortable the public is making Walker feel, as he strides through a park he hasn't been seen since he was a kid. The last section is a protester video of Walker getting a little to close too the action, and I love it.  

Fox 47 News: Devil's Lake State Park kicked off its 100-year celebration Saturday, but the event was more of a protest than a party.
About 200-300 protesters demonstrated against the event's featured guest, Governor Scott Walker. "I think that wherever Governor Walker goes, there ought to be some opposition, there ought to be some organized resistance to this government. This is the wrong direction for the state of Wisconsin," said Tom Holmes of Baraboo.

But conservatives see democracy as something that should be a bit more convenient, and appropriate for the occasion. 

"Everybody has a right to free speech; however, this is about the parks. This is about their centennial celebration and for a protester to show up and ruin it, it's just a shame," said Jeanne Lenerz of Sauk City.

It’s a shame Walker took our state and ruined it.

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