Sunday, June 19, 2011

Assembly Republicans Push through Budget without one Democratic vote!! Hey, didn't the GOP just whine about that with the Affordable Care Act?

Remember when Republicans were outrage that an expansive piece of legislation like the Affordable Care Act would passed without one Republican vote in the Senate and House.

Taking that outrage down to our state level, why aren’t Democrats making the same case against the Majority Republicans passing their massive right wing wish lists in less than six months?

This dramatic Assembly vote took place on the state budget:

On a 60-38 vote after 13 hours of debate. All the GOP members voted in favor, all the Dems against, and independent voted with the Republicans.

Remember the GOP's words and phony outrage, but this time from the Democrats: 'How could they such a thing, without one Democratic vote. They’re just ramming…' you know the rest.

This budget essentially wipes out the last eight years of the Democratic governors legacy and major accomplishment, and recklessly plots an austerity agenda that will essentially drain the public’s money, and putting a stop to a lasting economic recovery. But what the heck, right? The people voted for an “anything goes” Republican controlled government.  

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