Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gun Crazy Dave Zien says Gadsden Flag Fight Started by Solidarity Singers, 18 eyewitnesses should be charged with obstruction!!!

If you've been following the statewide blogs (my story), you've probably noticed the extensive reporting on the recent fight started by two "gunblingers" and a former state senator. 

The fact that former senator Dave Zien, gun advocate and lose cannon, was a parting to the disturbance that saw two of his friends drape the Gadsden flag over a number of protest singers, should have mad this a much bigger story. After all, these are the same unstable galoots assuring us how law abiding zealots like themselves, will protect us when the new concealed carry law takes affect. 

Zien, who did wheelies over a few of the Capitol singers personal belongings with his wheel chair wasn't even charged for his cowardly act of intimidation. Really, who would go after a guy in a wheel chair. Many of the local news don't even mentioned Zien.  

It's all a lie!!! You've been hoodwinked says the wild-eyed Dave Zien. So who are you going believe, Zien or your lying eyes? Eau Claire's WEAU put together this absolutely incredible report, with transcript below:

He tells us it all happened completely differently. Tuesday’s sing-along went awry when Zien and two other men entered the rotunda; Zien is seen in the video rolling his wheelchair over protesters belongings.

But Zien told us on the phone it was a protester who slipped a sign beneath his wheelchair ... "how dare they treat a cripple like that. But apparently somebody put something beneath my wheelchair and I couldn't back up and I couldn't go forward. At no point did I run over anybody’s toes. As far as I know I have the right to free speech like anybody else,” Zien says.

Witnesses also say one of the men even punched a protester in the face. Again, Zien refutes these allegations.“They hit our person, not the other way around,” he says. “The very last paragraph of the Wisconsin State Journal is the exact opposite. The singers are saying they were being singled out and assaulted, dare they say that. The singled us out and they assaulted us,” he finishes. 

A Milwaukee TV station says this is the first incident of violence in what until now has been four months of peaceful protest. Dave Zien served as the 23rd district republican senator from 1993 to 2007. He was not arrested in the rotunda ruckus.

Here's the kicker:

Zien says Capitol police interviewed between 8 and 12 protesters on Tuesday; he is asking that all of them be charged with obstruction of justice for giving false statements. 

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