Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big Government Republican Robin Vos backs only laws enacted at a state level, you know, one size fits more hodge podges.

Rep. Robin Vos is a real ass-wipe. This guy can't continue to make one dumb statement after the next and expect a respectful response. It only encourages him. Take this latest Big Government Republican power grab for special interest campaign money:

Journaltimes: Property managers and landlords are seeking the passage of a proposed bill that would preserve their ability to dig up prospective tenants' background information.
But as a landlord myself, it would make sense to gear ordinances to the unique needs of the community. So in the big picture, this is just another load of hypocrisy dumped on us from our Big Government Republicans overlords. 

Whatever happened to “local control?” What happened to bashing the liberal practice of passing a “one size fits all” law statewide? Are we looking at the beginnings of an odd form of conservative socialism (fascism)?

Another Republicans talking point gone, for a little campaign money from state landlord associations.

"It's stunning, they have so little respect for local control," said Brenda Konkel, a former Madison councilwoman and executive director of the Tenant Resource Center in Madison … ordinances enacted to stop landlords from obtaining information about prospective tenants such as household income, occupation, court records, rental history and credit information, will become void … Many of the ordinances the bill would end are largely found in Madison.

In another stunning case of missed irony, Rep. Robin Vos said this:

"What I learned in the process is that bad ideas begin in Madison and they spread like weeds."
So true. Welcome GOP nanny staters. That's not all Vos said that completely contradicts what Republicans have been whining about for decades:

And what about Vos' conflict of interest? Are you kidding?

Standardizing residential rental laws throughout the state, ultimately, protects renters and landlords, said Vos, who owns several rental units. The state Government Accountability Board, Vos said, has ruled there is no conflict of interest regarding his involvement with the legislation.

But he’s a landlord for gods sake!!! This isn’t brain surgery. Goodbye to local control, small Democratic government.

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