Saturday, June 18, 2011

Forget about Two Thirds Funding for Schools...Try 44 Percent.

Remember when the state promised 2/3rds educational funding, about 67 percent, for our public schools? Would you believe 44 percent? That's the going rate. 

The promise of a well-educated work force, and a feigned concern for our kids in under performing schools, has taken an ugly turn under the Walker Administration. Not only do the Republicans not want to leave our kids huge deficits, but they don’t want to leave them much of an education either.

According to Rep. Kevin Petersen, it’s a “top priority” for our Republican overseers:

Education remains a top priority. Forty-four cents of every state tax dollar collected will be applied toward educating our children.

Rep. Petersen is proud of it too. Based on the two thirds promise, that's a 22 percent cuts this year alone, on top of losing kids to the expanded private vouchers schools. Whether it's 22 or 15 percent, it's lucky I guess they thought it was important. 

Not too subtle about ending public education are they?

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