Sunday, June 19, 2011

Republican Leadership Conference Censors Obama Impersonator after Joking about GOP Candidates.

An amazing thing happened at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, their big shot at taking Obama down by an Obama impersonator backfired, when Reggie Brown skewered the GOP presidential field. While joking about their vacuous tea party favorite Michele Bachmann, conference authoritarian leadership decided that was it. They shut off his mic, and walked him off stage. Watch in amazement:

The National Journal cluelessly blamed “racial jokes.” So much for their none partisan reputation. If that were true, organizers would have cut his mic in the beginning when he joked about Obama. But as you'll notice in the video, the crowd, who seemed unaware of the ouster, gave him a standing ovation. Even if they had known, such a response to a few jokes about their own candidates is just as inexcusable. 

National Review: The Republican Leadership Conference descended into farce yesterday as a guest comedian turned on the GOP candidates before organizers could turn his microphone off. Obama impersonator Reggie Brown stunned the conference by ripping into the Republican presidential candidates in front of thousands of adoring supporters at the event in New Orleans.

He was shown the exit. This is what happens when you question a truly authoritarian party, hell bent on uncompromising one party rule.

According to the Washington Post, RLC President and CEO Charlie Davis made the decision to pull him offstage, and a man came onstage to physically escort Brown off. “I just thought he had gone too far," Davis said. "He was funny the first 10 or 15 minutes, but it was inappropriate, it was getting ridiculous.”

Ah, the first 15 minutes of his act he ripped into Obama. Nicely put Charlie Davis, and surprisingly inadvertent moment of honesty. Here's the full video of an impressive Obama impersonation by Reggie Brown:

Some of the comments from YouTube:

Seeing how this presentation was scheduled and approved by Republican leadership, maybe that so-called "leadership" should be called into question … Looks like the Republicans can't take a joke. They laughed at all the black jokes but just as soon as some of the jokes were on them, well.... THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CENSORED FOR CRITICIZING MICHELLE BACHMAN OOPS THAT'S A NO-NO, THOU SHALT NOT SAY ANYTHING BAD, EVEN A JOKE ABOUT HER HOLINESS … It's called humor... you people are a must be a hell of a lot of fun at parties. NOT

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