Thursday, June 30, 2011

News Media Controlled by Conservative Talk Bullying. Now what?

Anyone think Republican State Rep. Nygren won’t receive special consideration in his frivolous lawsuit to stay on the recall ballot, even though he failed legally to muster enough signatures or sign his own nomination papers?

WSJ: State Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, has sued to get his name on the ballot as well. He was ruled ineligible this week after state election officials accused the state Government Accountability Board of issuing its ruling without giving him a fair chance to defend his eligibility … A decision in Nygren’s favor would create a flurry of extra work for the clerks...”

I'm waiting for the shoe to drop on that one. 

The talk media bully’s spun a whopper about Sheriff David Mahoney’s involvement in investigating Justice Prosser’s alleged abuse of a fellow justice because he politically supported Prosser’s opponent in the recent Supreme Court election. But in reality, Mahoney would have never have been personally involved. But the media credited conservative bloggers and talk radio for forcing him to back off:

"Although as sheriff, I honored the request of the Capitol Police to conduct an investigation … I turned the case over to the chief deputy," Mahoney said in a statement. "The chief deputy then assigned the case to the captain of field services, who in turn assigned a team of detectives and supervisors to investigate the case and oversee the investigation. As the sheriff I have no role in the assignment of detectives and supervisors or overseeing the investigation."

But the public read something completely different:

WSJ: Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney effectively removed himself from the investigation into allegations state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser put a "chokehold" on a fellow justice after questions were raised about Mahoney's objectivity because he endorsed Prosser's opponent in the recent election…conservative critics raised questions about whether he could objectively investigate the incident because he endorsed … liberal Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg … "the very politically charged nature of this particular investigation could prevent the public from resting full confidence in Sheriff Mahoney's abilities," said Brian Sikma, communications director for the conservative website Media Trackers.
So what was that about the liberal media?

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