Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sen. Alberta Darling Denounces the middle class war on the new "corporate class."

Sen. Alberta Darling opened my eyes one day when she responded to this question; what if the tax cuts don’t work? Her answer; more tax cuts. Never mind it the plan failed. For Darling, tax cuts have become the easy answer and a base pleaser. And it's an easy benefit laden job for her.

If you closed your eyes, you could swear you were listening to Michele Bachmann. 

After being accused of adding fiscal items to the budget that benefited big business, and choosing corporations over people, Alberta was appalled:

Darling: “You talk about corporations…you know this class warfare! We would be lucky to grow more higher paying jobs. I mean that is the goal for us, to create and develop and attract and maintain higher paying jobs.”  

Corporations not only have constitutional free speech rights bestowed upon them by a straight party line vote of our conservative activist Supreme Court Justices, but they're now considered a brand new "class" by Republican lawmakers.

Why doesn't this American giveaway to the corporate class scare conservative American voters?

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