Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Activist Supreme Court Decision on Free Speech: You have more of it if you have...Money!!!

So in summary; conservative Justice Thomas is taking gifts from clients before his court, and not reporting it; conservative Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is threatening two women Justices; both courts have majority conservative activist justices, and now:

CNN: The Supreme Court has tossed out an Arizona law that provides extra taxpayer-funded support for office seekers who have been outspent by privately funded opponents or by independent political groups. A conservative 5-4 majority of justices said the law violated free speech, concluding the state was impermissibly trying to "level the playing field" through a public finance system.Arizona lawmakers had argued there was a compelling state interest in equalizing resources among competing candidates and interest groups.
Think about it; matching campaign funds doesn't prevent the other side from spending as much "free speech" as they want. This does not limit free speech. But in one of the more down the rabbit hole statements yet, Justice Roberts wrote:

The Constitution, the chief justice wrote, does not allow the state to "increase the speech of some at the expense of others."

This decision blatantly tells us all one thing: Some people have more free speech rights than the others.

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