Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jobless need to get used to low wages! Stop trying to fight it, after all, there's a great low wage restaurant job waiting just you.

Check out the audio from WTDY’s Sly in the Morning on this little noticed attack on family incomes.

We’ve been warned that America’s economy will essentially devolve into a low wage, service oriented society. We’re getting their fast, with the help of the new wave of governors solving the jobless recovery by attacking 
unemployment benefits.

Without these benefits, especially after the Great Recession, family bread winners are forced to lose by taking low wage service jobs, like at a local McDonald’s or coffee shop. Restaurants can always use bus boys, servers and cooks. Don't get me wrong, these are great jobs for teens and college students who need a little something to get by. But parents and other adult individuals need more to pay bills and get health care coverage.

This whole situation makes the Wisconsin Restaurant Association very happy. WTDY:

Ed Lump, top lobbyist for the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, is urging the already anti-worker state legislature to reject federal unemployment funds. Lump has a long history of advocating for legislation that strips low-level employees of any protection whatsoever. Lump says there are plenty of jobs and that people just want to stay on unemployment. Doesn't his tribe constantly blame Obama for high unemployment? You can't have it both ways! Plus, the average unemployment compensation amounts to 9 dollars an hour, hardly a wage you can raise a family on or get ahead in this world. Many responsible Madison restaurants are a part of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association.
Here's WKOW 27 News:

And with recent attempts to weaken or repeal child labor laws, you’ll probably be competing with your 14 year old for their first entry level type job. And that’s what Republicans call freedom, free markets and choice. 

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