Thursday, June 30, 2011

Republican Water Boy Mark Halperin Suspended Indefinitely from MSNBC for Calling Obama a "Dick."

Didn't you know you can't chide or criticize our Republican authority figures in congress? Newsy's got the story:

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One thing; Even though I never cared much for Halperin's opinions, he did ask to be bleeped, and wasn't. I'm not sure it's entirely his fault for that technical error. 

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  1. This was clearly not a slip of the tongue-he planned this and even asked for approval before he said it on national television to millions of viewers. Shame on this supposed grown up for thinking he could be so crude and arrogant. Then to follow up with such a prepared/canned apology that somebody else wrote for him during commercial break. He is a boil on the butt of political bull running rampant on some of these cable shows....what a phony pathetic little man he is...should go sit in the corner for a long time...perhaps forever.