Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Democrats Fold on Social Security? Not if we put this kind of pressure on Democratic Wimps.

I'm posting this because we in the media need to grow some.

Cenk Uygur goes after Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who is normally very progressive, for not strongly defending Social Security and not buckling under the Republicans pressure like AARP did.

This kind of pressure, along with a similar tough interview at the Netroots Nation Conference, is starting to get some notice.


  1. AARP has changed their opnion on social security so many times since friday.Of late they do not represent seniors. Many like myself tore the card up when they pushed Obama care. This time they went over the top. who are they to say its ok to take what is ours? Our generation has put more money in social security then any other generation.Seniors do have a voice and a vote.

  2. I agree. I let my membership lapse, and was about to re-up when this story came out.

    They can go to hell.