Monday, June 27, 2011

The Latest on the Prosser Abuse Allegations....

Scott Walker talked about the Prosser problem, and knows there's a real problem brewing about the credibility of the court. Justice David Prosser has been in the middle of the last two embarrassments. Prosser's resignation would go a long way to help clear things up on what is now an activist conservative court, but until then, our court will be the reality show spectacle of nation.

Walker: "I think it is a very serious allegation, and ultimately law enforcement is going to be involved to sort that out.  Regardless as to whether one side or the other is right on there, there are very serious problems that the Supreme Court as a whole needs to work out, and for the sake of all of us, no matter where you side ideologically, that has got to happen because you've got to have confidence in the justice system in this state."

Here's even more, a lot of extra details, and great coverage from WKOW 27 News: 

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