Friday, June 24, 2011

Is there anything Conservatives won’t whine and complain about? Red Balloon?

Unhinged and rabid, WISN host Vicki McKenna cranked up the idiocy, going after a symbolic red balloon floating in the Capitol dome.  

This is also a great example of how petty and mean spirited the conservatives are about everything that isn't all about them.

This fun story about a heart shaped red Mylar balloon, is now an outrageous reminder of the “dead end protesters,” who supposedly trashed the state Capitol.

This is the stuff that passes for conservative talk substance? From Newsbusters (my comments in parenthesis):

Vicki McKenna alerted us to how the Wisconsin State Journal carries a very obvious torch for the leftist rabble (protesters addressing their government) that trashed the state Capitol (didn’t happen) earlier this year. They're touting as "news" a protester's persistent Mylar balloon....  The helium balloon … has become a symbol of sorts. It now has its own "Capitol Balloon" Facebook page and "The Heart Balloon" Twitter account. The balloon even has caught the eye of the Wisconsin Historical Society, which has been gathering artifacts … the ensuing explosion of protests. "Someday the heart-shaped red balloon will make its final descent, and we hope it may find its way into the Society's collection soon afterward," reads a Historical Society Web page devoted to the balloon.

All this from the silly conservative elements who lionized the tea party costumed characters and their vacuous protests over fictional, drummed up issues, like death panels, government health care and our national conversion to socialism. Brilliant stuff for sure.

What hysterical conservative screed is complete without a reference to “winning,” and name calling:

Historical? A balloon makes history? Even when liberals lose badly, they want to put a balloon in their state scrapbook for all the memories of their losing ways. This seems to be more emotional than rational. Reporter Mary Spicuzza -- whose name in the halls of government in Wisconsin ought to be mocked for unseriousness and synonymous with "Swooning Beyond All Reason" -- concluded:
Its staying power has inspired quite a fan following. "I think the Capitol balloon symbolizes the feelings of solidarity that Wisconsinites are feeling, and the love for our Capitol," frequent protester Nicole Desautels Schulte said, looking up at the balloon. "It's something that is not going to give up. The balloon is a symbol of our fight."

The horrors of “the people,” to feel passionately about their efforts, and their government.

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." –George W. Bush.


  1. If Capital wasn't trashed how do you explain the cost of repairs.

    Disenfranchising nuns
    Interupting special olypians.
    Protesting the return of soldiers from war.

    You must all be so proud of yourselves.

    By the way why are so many of the Recall Walkers stickers on foreign made vehicles. Let's here it for solidarity but not with U.S. union workers.

  2. Posting signs and then cleaning the marble, a costly surface, is all part of maintaining the Capitol building. Like any building that has heavy people traffic, with winter slush, salt and such, it cost money to clean, I know because I have cleaning service. Again, marble is very different and expensive to clean. They used the right tape for signs too. Peaceful, no fights like the gun guys the other day.

    Second, the list you provided are phony outrage talking points. Olympians didn't mind and knew the issues. You seem to think they weren't capable of thinking or following politics?

    Nuns didn't vote correctly. Sorry, we have to root out possible voter fraud, right?

    Soldiers? Are you talking Vietnam? 80 percent of the people there weren't born back then. This wasn't a reenactment of the 60's. Sykes, Belling and McKenna stereotypes were dumb and wrong.

    As for the foreign cars and bumper stickers, Republicans supported Toyota and Honda over saving GM and Chrysler. Oh, you forgot.

    God that was easy.