Monday, June 20, 2011

Bullying and Rude; No Wonder Republicans Want Christie for President.

This video clip of Gov. Chris Christie, the authoritarian dream candidate, says a lot about the current state of the Republican Party. Christie’s take no prisoners attack on those who question him appeals to the party of "your in my way" bully politics.

Christie’s asshole persona is admired by the right. After his intimidating “It’s none of your business” answer to a constituent question below, he goes on to answer her anyway with a trip down ego lane that oddly ends with. “it’s none of your business.” Pure in your face thuggery.

The press describes this lout in wonderful ways:

NJ.Com: Christie … has made his brand as someone who sticks to his decisions and refuses to compromise.

Huffington Post: "I'm 100 percent certain I'm not going to run," New Jersey's Governor told CNN this week … five separate conservative groups and one national Tea Party fund-raising firm (will) officially beseech him to rescue the Grand Old Party … A hefty, straight-talking no-nonsense bluster of a man … likable in a New Jersey wise-guy way … It doesn't hurt that Christie is another post-Boomer Irish/Italian ball breaker who would sooner eat shit than apologize for his actions and/or statements. I respect that, as I respected his handling of the Choppergate issue in which he used a tax-funded helicopter to see his kid's championship baseball game and then paid the money back, but paid no lip service to microphones or newspads by back peddling with some creepy conciliation.

It’s the rude uncompromising “none of your business” recklessness that appeals to the spirit in those conservatives who would just as soon leave the poor and sick behind, and declare an end to aiding the lazy unemployed who are really to blame for the Great Recession. 

They have a callous disregard for anyone who doesn’t aspire to obtain great wealth, instead of a comfortable middle class life or a job they like more than a big paycheck.

Bombast, rude and uncompromising are the qualities that make any presidential candidate for the Republican Party a leader capable of advancing a purely authoritarian one party system of government.

I’m sure it was just what the founders were thinking when they created this nation. 

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