Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Republicans vs Popular Government Services.

This is a story from a few months past, about the GOP's hatred toward the Post Office, which demonstrates the contrarian nature of the Republican Party, apart from their simple ploy to oppose everything Obama.

The video focus's on Paul Ryan's off hand comment that his proposed "Path," isn't a really a budget, but a "cause." Simply put, the conservative "cause" to privatize and do away with the public's most popular and trusted government services...like the Post Office. I not only love the Post Office, I think stamps should have gone up in price to about $1 a long time ago. The current price is crazy. Rachel Maddow explains:


Would conservative contrarians ever be satisfied? Of course not.

The party's are like two magnets; the Democrats are so weak supporting or articulating their own agenda, that the public is attracted to the stronger agenda.

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