Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Debates Obama Impersonator, Loses!!

Leave it to Fox News and Friedmanite John Stossell, to put together this bizarro world match-up between former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown. I'm becoming a fan of Brown's for his ability to appear in as many strange situations as possible, while still doing a damn good Obama. He uses actual Obama quotes here.

Here Gary Johnson bashes the Obama stimulus by saying, and you won't believe this;

Johnson: "There are bubbles created in a free market system, I don't think they get quite as big, but if they do get as big...which perhaps they might, there's a day of reckoning, there's a fire sale, and you end up with a steep decline...and ah, ah recovery that begins immediately. That's the free market." 

Anyone want to go with that idea?

Johnson: "I think the government has stepped in the way of the fire sale..."
And aren't we glad they did? If you dare, here's presidential hopeful Gary Johnson on unrestricted free trade, debating the Obama impersonator:

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