Monday, June 20, 2011

Emperor Walker Spins Recalls as “Inconvenience” and a “distraction!!” He's “ready to move on” and finally "talk" jobs.

The power of suggestion, brain washing, and propaganda are old school, but effective. They are the Walker administrations “tools.” Get a sample of Walker’s recent musings about those pesky protests:

Gov. Scott Walker says the upcoming recall elections are an “inconvenience” and a “distraction” to most Wisconsinites. “People are ready to move on … And I don’t just mean one party or another. I think just in general. The average citizen in Wisconsin I talk to, it’s like they’ve had it … They want us to be talking about jobs … it’s not something they’re particularly interested in.”

In typical fashion, Walker pretended corporate money won’t be able to keep up with liberal donors.

jsonline: The GOP governor said the recalls were a political challenge … if Republican state senators are heavily outspent by groups on the other side, which he said “can have a real impact."

Walker also contended that “for all the talk about polarizing,” he has avoided using polarizing rhetoric about public employees … “Find me one clip of me saying anything but great things about teachers,” said Walker. “The union is purposely ginning up this mindset that (teachers) are under attack, they’re under siege --  I think unfortunately creating great fear and division among teachers and other public employees, with the whole idea (to) use this as an issue to try to leverage a change in the political leadership.”  

Of course Walker isn’t including the hate filled rhetoric used against teachers, police officers and firefighters by the public and media. It wasn't like we weren't allowed to listen to conservative talk radio or read their conservative pot shot letters to the editor in our local papers. Whose creating fear and division? This is like when the Bush administration said they never tried to give the impression Sadam had anything to do with 9/11!

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