Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The future in Repealing the Past.

The sad truth about Walker Republicans. 

THOMAS KRAJEWSKI-guest columnist from Madison:
The current Republican lawmakers have a different game plan. Their cause is to return Wisconsin to the gilded age, that time before Bob La Follette wrenched control of our government from the corporate lion’s paw, before effective unions, before the poll tax was prohibited, before the eight-hour day and 40-hour week, before child labor laws, before credit unions, before environmental laws regulated business and industry, before senior care to the time when advanced education was the privilege of the upper class.

Some have suggested they wish to repeal the 21st century. No, their desire is to repeal the 20th century. They wish to eliminate the idea of community in our statutes and escort us to the fantasy land of Ayn Rand.

They have no desire to do it piecemeal. They have chosen to put us on a nonstop, high-speed rail back to 1890. If they don’t make the whole 120 years, that is all right with them. If they only turn back the clock 50 years, it will be a great success for them and the corporations they serve. They are eliminating years of progress in months — progress that cannot, will not return for decades.

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