Friday, June 17, 2011

Rock County Judge Kenneth Forbeck to killer: "If you didn't have a gun, this would have been a fight."

Here’s the truth about concealed carry, as pointed out by the Cap Times’ Dave Sweifel:

The Beloit Daily News, not among the state's most liberal newspapers, served up an interesting editorial last week, smack in the middle of the debate over concealed carry for Wisconsin. The Daily News noted that Rock County Judge Kenneth Forbeck has been particularly tough on defendants convicted on gun charges. the Daily News editorial added a final word:
"The Janesville Gazette reported Forbeck's lecture that carrying a concealed weapon is a danger to society when people become angry or emotional, telling the defendant, 'If you didn't have a gun, this would have been a fight.' Morrow had no prior criminal record, apparently nothing in his background that would have precluded him from carrying concealed weapons under legislation pending in Madison. Think about that."

Not one Republican did. 

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  1. Apparently, almost half of the democrats who voted for this bill didn't think about one nutjob either.

    Oh wait, the carry law isn't a law yet.

    Goes to show that you can't legislate stupid.