Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walker's Budget only "encourages" job growth...Like Continuing the Bush tax cuts opened the jobs flood gates?

What Scott Walker did was balance the state budget at the expense of schools, local governments and public employees. What a price to pay...but the books are balanced. \

Business loves it!!From Breitbart's appropriately named conservative agenda, "Big Government," came this gem:

When you add in the chaotic atmosphere in Madison and the tumultuous nature of politics in the Badger State, what Walker has accomplished in such a short time is quite remarkable.
From the MacIver News Service: …Walker’s plan received high praise from Wisconsin’s business community.

“Governor Walker and legislative Republicans deserve tremendous credit for making tough decisions…” said Kurt R. Bauer, President/CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. “The budget provides greater certainty for business executives and that should encourage job growth.”

Encourage, that's it? Big commitment. Are we talking the same "certainty" business executives got from the extension of the Bush tax cuts? 

That worked...?


  1. I've always tried to stress this important detail about tax-breaks for 'job-creators'. It is only encouragement or incentive - with no strings attached.

    Why can't these tax breaks be DEPENDENT upon job creation - as in "create a job and THEN we'll give you a tax break, that tax break being incrementally better, the higher the level of job you create and the higher salary you pay"?

    Assuming that a 'job creator' will actually create a job in the absence of their being any additional demand for the product or service he/she is selling is assuming an unreasonable level of altruism. Why wouldn't he/she just take his/her tax break and buy a new boat? Or, like so many huge corporations, create jobs where they are cheaper - like Singapore, as Goldman Sachs has just announced?

  2. I agree with a system of accountability regarding tax breaks, create a job, get a break.

    Republicans in the state have resisted holding business accountable for their tax breaks. Only for a few months did they go along with that so they could give a little grief to Doyle's plan for tax breaks.

    That's gone now. Off shoring jobs is still the name of the game.