Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dumb Ron Johnson's upside down story about his Daughter's life saving surgery, that oddly turned him against ObamaCare.

Never one to miss a Dumb Ron Johnson story, check out Uppity Wisconsin, where Jud Lounsbury asked the doctor that saved Johnson's daughters life how he felt about ObamaCare. Not surprisingly, Johnson's completely reversed reality.
So, I decided to get in touch with Doctor Foker. Via email, Foker said he is not only "generally supportive" of Obamacare, but thinks it didn't go far enough, saying, "Unfortunately, it was written by the insurance and drug companies so not great. Most of the many flaws of American medical care are still present." Foker also suggested that Republicans should be happy with what is a Republican-developed, "private-solution," but they are more interested in obstructionism, saying, "they're never happy."

Not quite, the "I never would have gotten into medicine if Obamacare was around way back when!" that Johnson suggests. 
Plus, the procedure that saved Johnson's daughters life?
Think Progress' Igor Volsky found that the very such first operations were not even performed in the United States, but in the socialized medicine countries of Brazil and France.
There's more at Uppity Wisconsin at the link above.

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  1. Peak oil. peak water , peak soil, peak bull shit. Ron Johnson, a genial, but nevertheless diabolical person.