Friday, January 10, 2014

Christie = Walker! Both Surrounded by Criminals and never knew it. Good Judges of Character?

Has anyone else noticed how everyone around Gov. Chris Christie is corrupt, just like the six criminals closest to Scott Walker when he was County Executive? It's not a coincidence.

Yesterday Gov. Chris Christie blathered on and on in a 2 hour press conference flim flam.

That won over a whole bunch of low information media types and pundits. If what happened to Christie wasn't enough to make conservatives mad, then what's the point of being hopeful:

Just replace the name "Christie" with Walker in this next clip with Lawrence O'Donnell. It's all the same:


  1. It's interesting that the best defense these guys can come up with is that they are clueless, that their aides are out of control and they just can't keep on top of it.

    So Republican voters in the Presidential primaries will be left with a choice between the Tea-nutters and some other stiffs who admit they are incompetent. The race is setting-up nicely for Jeb Bush.