Monday, January 6, 2014

Walker claims Obama pushing Unemployment Extension to distract from ObamaCare? He isn't kidding either.

Over Regulating People: Republicans like Gov. Scott Walker are rolling out the most bizarre plan: Deregulate business, over-regulate people. From women's health care, to food stamps and unemployment, convoluted new regulations are being written every session. A massive over regulation of people's behavior. But businesses? It's freedom and liberty all the way.

Not Everybody Plays Games with Peoples Lives like Scott Walker: In the video below, Scott Walker said this:
Walker said the administration was bringing up unemployment benefits as a distraction from the troubled federal healthcare system rollout. 
"Let's be clear, the reason the White House is so actively pushing this is that they want to desperately talk about anything but ObamaCare..."
What an asshole. Walker sees it the way other Republicans see it, just another strategic move. Reading from the same list of talking points...:

Also in the video below, Walker's clueless insistence that repealing Obamacare and going to a "free market" health care system would remove all the "uncertainty" businesses have about hiring new employees. Of course that's not why businesses hire people.

Being a career politician is Walker's biggest and most pronounced drawback; he doesn't get business. Health care has been crushing them (well before ObamaCare was created). And wouldn't moving to a completely untested free market system brings with it even more uncertainty? Fly by night insurance companies, junk policies filled with costly loopholes and non-group rates...that would bring certainty? From CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday:

The best thing we could do to help people who are unemployed or underemployed is fix Obamacare," Walker said, "replace it with a patient-centered plan that puts people in charge, not the government in charge and (get) rid of the uncertainty that so many small businesses here in my state and across the country talked about."  "We just made a change last year so that people had to look five times or more a week for work. Without our requirement change, they could go as little as two times a week. I don't know about you, Candy, but if I was out of work I'd be looking more than twice a week for a job. I'd be looking every day except maybe today — I'd take Sunday off to go to church and pray that I could find a job on Monday. But I think there need to be reforms in that system."
Big government regulations...for people, not businesses. 


  1. Hear that House Republicans? Walker implies that you should start passing what Obama wants so he will no longer be left pushing to resolve the serious issues that you earlier failed to act upon, but now uses as a diversion away from your phony Obamacare scandal. *facepalm*

    At the same time, Walker projects his own inability of walking and chewing gum at the same time onto Obama, so he pits the chewing against the walking. Like everything else he does. What a maroooon.

  2. There's not one thing in Walker's statement on Obamacare that's not a pre-written talking point from some think tank. Which is why it's so horribly outdated and foolish.

    Walker speaks like a guy who's never been without a wingnut welfare job since he was 25...and certainly not one that had to take of the chores or actively raise the kids. Just clueless cr*p.