Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wisconsin Congressional Republicans try to strip down and trash Superfund Law, allowing for cancer, respiratory diseases and reproductive disorders to flourish. Now that's deregulation.

Goodbye Superfund Toxic Cleanup: Take a look at what our House Republicans attempted to do that would have endangered Americans everywhere in the U.S.: 
They voted to scale back the federal Superfund law, giving the nearly 30 super majority Republican states the authority to lower environmental standards to dramatically dangerous levels. -me
Not surprisingly, Republicans thought it best to allow companies to opt out of cleanup insurance. That gets the "boot of big government" off the neck of business.  

If all this wasn't bad enough, Republicans also approved curbing the underlying reason for the Superfund, the solid waste provisions that “regulate” (nasty word isn’t it?) the disposal of solid and hazardous waste.

With all the focus on “Bridge” Christie’s problems and ending the extension of unemployment benefits, BIG things like this tend to fall through the media cracks.
Environmental Rogues Gallery
For a group of Wisconsin representatives who know how important our natural resources are to tourism, and leaving a healthy environment to our children, their votes should outrage every political constituent:
Voting for rolling back the Superfund: Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Sean Duffy, and Reid Ribble.
The Unreasonable Democrats?: Not only did all of our Democratic Representatives vote against this environmental assault, but they saw their reasonable safeguard amendment lose big time. All it did was not allow the above changes to the Superfund if:
“…it would result the long term exposure of vulnerable populations within five miles of waste sites to substances that contain drinking water or cause respiratory disease, cancer or reproductive disorders.”
Voting against a safeguard that would protect against cancer, respiratory diseases and reproductive disorders? Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Sean Duffy, and Reid Ribble.

This is the kind of world Republicans envision, and the ugly truth about their empty words about family values and what we’re leaving to our children. 

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