Sunday, January 12, 2014

Koch Brothers Know Wisconsin, and say that we're not Real Wisconsinites. Fed up with these guys yet?

The campaign cash stories are gushing out now, with this one being one of the more interesting. Nothing I can say could sum up the real anger Wisconsinites should feel after being schooled by David and Charles Koch.
Truthout: Ads Telling Voters "Recall Is Not the Wisconsin Way" Funded by Out-of-State Koch Network: In the final weeks of Wisconsin's 2012 recall elections, a previously-unknown group called Coalition for American Values Action flooded the state's airwaves with over $400,000 in ads that made a unique appeal: instead of promoting Governor Scott Walker or attacking his opponent, the ads attacked the premise of the recall itself … viewers were told that "recall is not the Wisconsin way," and to "stop the recall madness" by voting to reelect Walker.

Wisconsin Outsiders tell Wisconsinites who they Really Are: Not the Wisconsin way? Well, the Koch brother ought to know? Apparently:
Coalition for American Values Action's two ads tapped into the exhaustion some Wisconsinites felt after a tumultuous year of protest and upheaval, but placed the blame on the Constitution's recall mechanism rather than Governor Walker and the dramatic changes he had pushed into law.
The money Trail: While Republicans joke about the liberal portrayal of the Koch brothers as evil, they've also sold our state image out to the Koch brothers, outsiders Scott Walker described as not having a vested interest in our state.
Despite the ads purporting to represent Wisconsin values, funding for the message came from well outside the Dairy State's borders: all of Coalition for American Values Action's known contributions come from an out-of-state group linked to the billionaire Koch brothers.

Coalition for American Values Action reported to Wisconsin election authorities that it spent $400,080 on its "recall isn't the Wisconsin way" ads, but because of an apparent loophole in state campaign finance law, it never disclosed the true source of its funding … the primary source of the group's funding in 2012 was the Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR), a conduit for $156 million in political spending raised by the Kochs and their network of funders.

The Center for Media and Democracy has filed a complaint with Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board alleging that Coalition for American Values Action violated Wisconsin's campaign finance laws by failing to disclose this funding. 
Here's the real Wisconsin way, don't cha know:


  1. If only, if only, if only we had competent opposition research and the money to put it into action.

    Imagine what could have been done with footage of SCOTT WALKER himself, telling Wisconsin what a statement of HOPE it is to rise up via recall and take your government back (at least, when it's the recall of a MKE County Exec).

    Here's the Daily Kos diary with just that Walker footage & transcript.

    Here's the direct link to the YouTube video.

    It's not like it was hidden, it has 30,000 views...

  2. Thank you for the reminder, which I should have posted here, and still might.