Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Walker really does support a thug like Gov. Christie, for the way "we'd expect a leader to handle it." "Bridgegate" was handled well?

Not knowing where the “Bridge” Christie investigation will go next doesn't seem to of concern to a fellow governor whose own staff got caught breaking the law. 

Scott Walker has come out in support of Chris Christie’s total cluelessness or vindictiveness in office. 

Either way, the vengeful and incredibly irresponsible act of closing one of the busiest bridges in the nation shouldn't detract from the simple fact Republicans control the governorship. That’s all that matters to Walker.
Harold Times: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he believes New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie acted appropriately once he found out about his aide’s role in causing massive traffic backups ostensibly for political retribution in the saga now known as “Bridgegate.”
Again, like Walker, the people closest to Christie did all this without the governor knowing. How are Republicans able to convince people this makes sense?
“…there are going to be challenges along the way; it’s how people deal with those challenges going forward,” Walker said. “He was completely transparent and gave the public a chance to hear what he understood and what he knew, took action on it -- decisive action in terms of removing the people who had not been forthright with him,” Walker said.  I think he handled it the way we’d expect a leader to handle it,” Walker said.
Forget about the fact Christie joked about the bridge closing right in front of the press. How could Christie have made such a big hiring mistake picking the people he put around him? Who cares. Christie now worries how all this will affect his agenda. According to Walker:

“He’s particularly frustrated going forward (that) it’s something that takes away from his ability to continue to push reform at the level he wanted to coming out of this recent election.” 


  1. Walker would have left his goat tied up longer, so the predators would be more placaded, rather then slaughtering it so quickly. Maybe Christie has more goats to sacrifice?

  2. So I assume you blame Obama for the Fast and Furious gun walking that the ATF pulled off since he surely knew about it right? And the IRS issues surely he knew about those too right? And finally surely Obama should take the blame for the roll out fiasco of October-December right? Surely he knew that things were not progressing at an appropriate pace on the design of the systems.