Friday, January 24, 2014

Walker says to struggling Families who've seen wages decline, raising minimum wage "a misguided political stunt."

Perhaps WISGOP can wrap their tiny little brains around this Mary Burke position:
Burke said she believes Walker’s proposed tax cuts, which come in a re-election year, are “about politics.”
“I think it’s an approach that someone who’s been in politics their whole life takes,” Burke said.
Scott Walker's biggest liability is that he's a career politicians, whose made it very clear he doesn't understand business or wages.

Getting businesses to like you Scott is easy if you give them what they want, like the Wisconsin Grocers Association's need for low wages. But what they want is rooted in the myths and fictions that are a part of the Republican ideology. 

Incoherent messages like the following are backed by business because is saves them money, not because they make sense or contributes to a stronger economy:
“I think it is nothing more than a misguided political stunt,” Doing that will only lead to the elimination of entry-level jobs and cut pay for other workers, Walker said. 
Shear lunacy; a higher minimum wage would "eliminate" entry level jobs? Will we really say goodbye food service jobs, clerks, cleaning crews, seasonal hiring...? The list of minimum wages jobs goes on and on. America is a service economy now, or haven't career Republican politicians noticed?

Higher wages "a political stunt?" If Republicans took just a second longer to think about it, there's a chance they would realize how preposterous that idea is. Arguing against higher wages--which would only increase consumer spending, increase consumer demand and result in more job creation--ignores just how taxpayers are subsidizing businesses by paying for their food stamps and health care needs. 

Career politicians have never understood these concepts because as small business owners know, it takes awhile for these ideas to settle in as a fundamental way of doing business.   

Walker is a victim of his own hyperbolic media created image and non-existent successes; he believes it all:
“If you want to put a buzz saw on the economic recovery we've seen in this state, you just start piling on regulations like increasing the minimum wage,” Walker said. 
Democratic State Rep. Cory Mason said it best:
“If he really thinks that raising wages for people making minimum wage is a political stunt, then he shouldn't be governor.”  
Political Heat figured it another way, that blows away Walker's petty election year handout:
The average homeowner is set to receive about $150 in tax savings from Walker’s plan. Meanwhile, an increase in the minimum wage by $2.85 (up to $10.10 per hour) would increase wages for those single full-time workers by about $5,928 annually.

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  1. It's difficult to make a case for not raising the minimum wage without relying on old, tattered stereotypes and quack economics. But, Walker tries.

    A little further reading on the subject:

    Low-Wage Workers Have far More Education than They Did in 1968, yet They Make far Less

    Meanwhile in the UK, the Conservative government proposes raising the minimum wage to $11.50:

    "I want to make sure we are all in it together, as part of the recovery, which is why I want to see above-inflation increases in the minimum wage, precisely because the British economy can now afford that." -Chancellor George Osborne

    ..while Wisconsin continues with it's Pinochet style reforms.