Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lefty Blog Roll Gone.

UPDATE: I've created my own Wisconsin blog roll, and will add more to it, if you have any suggestions.

I always wondered how long the invaluable sidebar feature for Wisconsin, "Lefty Blogroll" would survive, now I know.

It seems to have disappeared in the last few days, forever. Here's my correspondence, and their response, after hearing they went out of business awhile back:
LeftyBlogs is dead.  It was attacked by spammers some time last year and we never had time or resources to get it back up and running. Some of the feeds might still be lingering out there but the site is down. We appreciate your support of LeftyBlogs but it was always a labor of love for us and we just don't have the resources to keep it going.  A few organizations expressed some interest in taking it over but nothing ever came of it.

Thanks for checking in, Carrie Wynkoop

I tried to get at least one major liberal group to continue the statewide feeds, but heard nothing back.

I have updated and expanded my own blog roll to make up for the loss, but it was always nice to have a state exclusive blog roll.

Just another example of how pathetic the liberal network continues to be, in the face of a growing conservative media machine.

I'm still hoping that it returns, thus the empty space on my blog, along with an empty seat and a crutch without an owner quietly preserved next to the fireplace...


  1. The loss of Leftyblogs is especially disturbing in that the people who perpetrated its demise no doubt now regard that action as a model to apply elsewhere on the web. They've got endless resources and, in fact, this fits right in with the Koch modus operandi. Stifle dissent, run out the clock, cause chaos.

  2. Wow this is crazy. its a shame the blog was lost
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  3. when trying to connect to I get a "you are not connected to the internet" which is a lie, message from chrome