Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dumb Ron Johnson wrong again in a Big Way.

Big Failure? What else doesn't he know?


  1. Ron is Rich so Ron is Right

    Poverty belongs to the Poor

  2. Ron married into his money...and was handeda company. He isn't self made - his father in law, who founded Bemis - was self made. Ron is a phony and is an entitled gold digger.

  3. Poverty by Design

    Poverty is when you have the ample
    resources to provide for the common
    societal needs, such as plentiful food,
    clean housing and healthcare for all and
    yet you refuse to do it.

    Poverty is not realizing that happiness
    can be nurtured from a sense of well
    being in a right livelihood. Work well
    done under humane conditions for
    a wage that enables and ennobles man
    to have a decent life.

    Poverty is not ensuring that all in your land
    have an opportunity for right livelihood
    and activity that reinforces self worth
    and happiness instead of hopelessness.

    Poverty is when you can drive around
    in your limousine peering out the windows
    at the masses. Faceless beings
    of hopelessness and despair.
    Homeless, alcohol and drug addicted
    casualties of the streets.

    As you turn your head away and
    put them out of your mind you tell
    yourself the poor will always be with us.
    Knowing very well that it doesn’t
    have to be this way.

    Poverty is when your view of the world is
    so narrow that it can’t see past borders to
    one humanity and the only concept of
    wealth and success is by winning the
    competitive sport of domination of
    natural resources and slave labor.

    Poverty is when we eradicate with
    sophisticated weaponry other humans,
    our self created enemies, instead of
    eradicating hunger, and disease and ignorance.

    Poverty is when greed has replaced honesty
    and life means less than money and power.
    When entire industries fold and are replaced
    by institutions of debt and servitude.

    Poverty is when the architecture of
    social design is based on taking and
    conquering instead of sharing and

    Poverty is when the educated minds of
    the world with the best resources of
    knowledge and logic and organization
    and abundant materials at their finger
    tips can’t find solutions for problems
    that a child’s mind could easily solve.
    A child’s mind so free of preconceived
    ideas about supply and demand, and
    value and prejudice.

    Poverty is a disease of the soul that starts
    at the top and trickles down. It destroys
    society and strangles the natural
    in born life giving loving nature of mankind.

    Poverty starts at the top, in the castle
    on the hill. Poverty is the epitome
    of trickle down economics.

    Poverty is man made and is not the
    natural state of man. Poverty is not
    what God intended for his blessed
    creation. Poverty is not by
    God’s design.

    Lynne FincherSpringarden