Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Businesses to Raise Prices, Productivity, but won't raise wages says Minneapolis Fed.

Wanna know how bad the wage gap is going to get? Get a load of this little tidbit of corporate greed:
Twin Cities Pioneer Press: Minneapolis Fed sees more jobs, growth tapering in 2014: The good news was found in a poll of businesses and the annual survey of 485 manufacturers in the Fed's Ninth District (from Montana and includes the Dakotas, Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin and Michigan). Those businesses expect more sales and investment in 2014, and they expect to raise prices. Manufacturers who were surveyed expect productivity and prices to rise.
On the employment front, "Businesses are not generally raising wages much in order to attract workers, nor are businesses broadly expecting to offer substantial wage increases in 2014," the Fed noted …
And the gap gets bigger.

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