Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Walker takes fight to imagined "they want to control your lives" Liberal Enemy

Republicans have nothing left to defend their failed ideology except to create false premises and imagined enemies. Welcome to the alternate universe, the conservative bubble, an echo chamber of nonsense issues, platforms and liberal villains.

Below, Scott Walker not only doubles down on the false premise that liberals want to control everyone's life (no more incandescent light bulbs folks), but he's suffering from a bad case of projection (Walker's wants dictatorial one party rule):
jsonline: In an interview with Right Wing News ... Poverty: 

"the Left, they want you under their thumb. They want to control you. They want to control your lives. They want you to be dependent on the government. We should say we’re the ones, not only for the poor, but for young people coming out of college, for working class families, for immigrants, for others out there. We should say we are the ones who empower the American Dream. We’re the ones who say you can do and be anything you want, but it’s because we empower you with the ability and the platform to do that. The other side tells you they want to help you, but in the end they want to keep you limited in how far you can grow."
Walker's right, they are the party that likes to "say" things. Thanks for the speech Scott, but empty pep talks don't accomplish anything in the real world, and condescends to adults living out the nightmare of long term unemployment and poverty created by business interests.

So Republicans "are the ones who empower" us? Anyone feel empowered working for lower wages, longer hours, fewer benefits, unaffordable health care, growing job insecurity, and a growing wealth gap that keeps us all from the American dream?

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  1. And you thought I was kidding when I called Walker's idiotic Medicaid agenda the "Work makes you free" plan.

    By the way, W-2 cases are UP 20% in the last year under Walker, so I don't want to hear that guy saying it's "the Left" who causes more dependence in our society