Friday, January 10, 2014

The Republicans War on the War on Poverty bamboozling News Media.

The media idiots are buying into it again, like this from Yahoo News:
“After years of emphasizing austerity, Republicans are leaping to discuss ways the government can help alleviate poverty. The apparent shift…”
Shift, really, Republicans want to “alleviate poverty?” By cutting food stamps by $40 billion? Ending unemployment? Throwing taxpayer dollars at failing private voucher schools?

What was I thinking, that’ll end poverty.

It’s almost laughable how Republicans are simply repackaging the same old stuff to "end poverty." My ass. Example, inefficient block grants that just invite abuse and kick people off assistance locally:
Democrats intend to bludgeon them as out of touch and uncompassionate. Republicans know this is coming … So they're going on the offensive. House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor argued for giving state and local governments more control over education dollars; and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio called for dismantling federal programs aimed at reducing poverty by turning money over to states. But it will be difficult for them to change their image overnight. In many ways, the party remains haunted by the still-lingering shadow of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Haunted? Wrong word. The GOP's current agenda, where they tried shutting down the government at a cost of $25 billion, not renewing extended unemployment, trying to cut $40 billion in food stamps, reducing state Earned Income Tax Credits and trying to take health care away is alive and well, and is still their goal!!!  

Softer/kinder Repackaging of Commodifying Kids: Gee, how can we make a profit off our kids with market tested uplifting program names?
Cantor promoted school choice programs and went as far as to call on the Senate to adopt a bill called the “Student Success Act … The bill is part of a larger "Making Life Work" initiative … “School choice is the surest way to break this vicious cycle of poverty, and we must act fast before it is too late for too many,” Cantor said.
Yes, before another day of lost profit is realized?

Dr. Seuss would be proud of this Bizarre Lunacy. See if you can follow this logic without falling down the rabbit hole:
During his speech, Rubio criticized proposals to raise the minimum wage as not addressing the root causes of poverty. “Our current government programs at best offer only a partial solution. They help people deal with poverty, but they do not help people emerge from poverty,” Rubio said.
So by their logic, more pay doesn't help people emerge from poverty? Remember, the whole point of the Republican Party is to turn every job into a low paying job, so a higher minimum wage would defeat everything they’re working for.

What we need to do is ignore the poor and help the rich get richer, because who knows, someday a rich person might hire someone out the goodness of their heart instead of waiting for consumer demand to pick up. One final laugh, check out the first three words below:

Despite these efforts, Democrats clearly still feel confident enough that Republicans will struggle when discussing these issues…

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