Friday, January 17, 2014

Florida about to give gun owners the Constitutional Right to Fire Wide into the Air? You bet.

It's amazing to me how broad conservatives are interpreting the Second Amendment. Weren't they the ones who strictly adhere to the existing language and original intent. 

So apparently the founding father intended to give gun owners the right to fire into the air. It's right there somewhere...:
(Florida) Lawmakers are close to expanding (the Stand Your Ground law) to protect gunmen who fire warning shots or wave weapons in a threatening manner—and they're doing it with a bill written by a top NRA lobbyist, Gawker has learned. Republican Sen. Greg Evers said, the right to fire wide was a "constitutional right" that "should be left up to the individual."
That's what I thought I read too....


  1. My observations of people lead me to believe that each person is enmeshed in the thought that they are an original, that no one has the depth of understanding of events that they have. Some claim possession of empathy thinking that they can build a society caring for all humanity and working toward a common goal. This altruism ( ) leads to extend justifications to those with diabolical social agenda.
    Those agents who seem to value money, as a survival tool, more than social compassion, who, altruist think, cannot see the peak water, peak soil, peak air, and climate change pointing to a die- out of much of humanity. However, in Rand’s attack on altruism, I can surmise that those who CHOOSE not to participate in action against the die-out, and view it as natural selection.
    So, do we address the current economic , political scene as a challenge to humanity or natural selection?

  2. That's what Biden said to do.

  3. The above comment is a joke, climate change aka formerly known as global warming is a hoax. And you are the ones who have been duped. Every UN Model for global warming has been wrong. No warming last 17 years, research for yourself and quit being led.